Why Flexi Funnels have an app domain? | Boo Domain 👻 | New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google

Why Flexi Funnels have an app domain? | Boo Domain 👻 | New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google

What is Domain?

Boo Domain

Domain Meaning is you have a name on the internet. Everyone knows you from this domain name on the internet. Also, you need to have hosting where you can store your data on the internet. There are many web hosting companies available on the internet where you can buy & use them for your website. Also, you can buy it as per your name which is considered a domain. 

Like indraloka is my name & indraloka.in is a domain name on the internet. I am using hostinger.com for web hosting. So, dot in, dot com, and dot app are domain names, I got my point. www.google.com here www is also the domain name & google is also the domain name. Get to know more about Subdomain for www Subdomain.

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Why Flexi Funnels Have an App domain?

Boo Domain

The app domain’s complete form is the application domain. It is under the .Net framework. They are providing this service. All the data is generated through coding from the .Net Framework

App domain is a name which you can use for your domain name instead of your name.

This domain has separation power effects just like an operating system process. Multiple threats will attack or come into your domain. So, this app domain has the power to separate & stop. If you want to know more then read my latest article on FlexiFunnels.


Flexi Funnels Got Featured onIndia TodayNews Magazine website. 

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Boo Domain

New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google


Boo Domain

On 8th November 2022, you can apply for the Boo domain. Boo is a ghost name. Everyone can use it for their requirements. Someone uses this for his / her lover to give a surprise on making a website on this boo domain. Any person can make the website for his business purpose if they have any ghost-related product, like if anyone is selling coffin or ghost costume for movie-related work or video film or video song or making ghost web series. Then those people need to promote their product on a website to sell. It is the perfect domain for these people who have this kind of business.


Also, there is a big event in the USA. Halloween events, the USA person should use this domain to promote their ghost-related product. Also, European countries are going to celebrate this Halloween event, so they can use this kind of domain for their personal or professional purpose. 


Some people are selling websites for their clients. So they can buy it as per their client’s requirement. If your client is asking for this domain to buy for his / her finance as a surprise gift then you can go for it. Also, it would be best if you made this whole website ready as per client requirements before giving this service with the help of this domain.


I am giving this service. If you want to make a website or landing page or funnel then I can do it for you, If you want to sell your digital product then check out my recent blog Click here….👈👈


Now, the question is, where to buy on this domain?

Google registry is going to publish this kind of domain to buy. They are going to publish it on 8th November 2022. On that day you can buy your domain as per your niche. There are 5 domains on the internet that use this kind of domain.

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5 Live Boo domain website is published on Google


Boo Domain

There are 5 people and the company uses the boo domain for personal or professional purposes. They have got google permission to publish their domain on the internet for the sale of their Halloween-related products. I am going to tell you all 5 domains below.. have a look….


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Why Flexi Funnels have an app domain? | Boo Domain 👻 | New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google

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Halloween  Boo Domain

Boo Domain

Halloween.boo: Party City company is situated in the USA. It is a big company that sells Halloween products in the USA. They have a big shopping mall for this Halloween product. They retail this product in the USA market. Recently they published their website as Halloween. boo domain name. On this website, they are selling various types of Halloween products like costumes, wigs, masks, weapons, makeup, Halloween home decoration etc.

SL No Main Categories Products
1 Birthday party supplies
2 Balloons
3 All party supplies
4 Holidays & Occasions
5 Shop by theme
6 Costume & accessories
7 Candy & bakeware

Have look below at the various type of Halloween Costume & accessories products in party city:

SL No Costumes Names
1 Girl’s Costume
2 Boy’s Costume
3 Women’s Costume
4 Men’s Costume
5 Family & Group Costumes
6 Plus-Size Costumes
7 Baby Costumes
8 Pet Costumes
9 Festival Costume Collection
10 Fairy Costume Collection
11 Punk Rock Costume Collection
12 CyberPunk Costume Collection
13 Devil Costume Collection
14 Witch Costume Collection
15 Angel Costume Collection
16 90’s Costume Collection
17 70’s Costume Collection


SL No Accessories Names
1 Halloween wigs
2 Halloween weapons
3 Halloween masks
4 Halloween makeups

SL No Decorations
1 Skeleton & Skull
2 Tombstones
3 Hanging Props
4 Inflatables
5 Lighting & special effects
6 Webbing
7 Outdoor yard decorations
8 All Halloween decorations
9 Animatronics
10 Home decorations

Also, They have many many Halloween party supplies products like Halloween tableware, Halloween balloons & all kinds of Halloween party supplies & they are selling Shop tending themes like Scary decor to haunt your home, family-friend decorations, Nightmare Before Christmas theme, and hocus-pocus themes. They are providing Halloween party theme ideas and Halloween makeup tutorial videos. If you want to see all their products on their website then click here…👈👈

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Treats Boo Domain


Boo Domain
Boo Domain

Treats.boo: We celebrate our holidays with sweets. There is one sweets company who is making sweets for Halloween & holidays. They are making 100% zero sugar candy & sweets. They are making allergy-friendly sweets for those people who have allergy problems. Also, those who have a strict diet can also eat these sweets. If any person has a keto diet, they can have these sweets. The Zolly candy company makes these sweets for every person.


This company is using the Treats domain for their company. They are making various kinds of sweets, and candy, as per customer choice, also, they are making Halloween event type candy, also, if anyone wants to give sweets/candy design as per your choice then they are making that kind of sweets or candy as per customer order. They are providing one big gift for their customer. If anyone is making a well-designed pumpkin candy then they could win a Zolli candy gift box. Read the Terms & conditions on their website about this contest, click on here…👈👈👈 

This candy company has a few products like Zollipops®, Zolli® Drops, Zaffi® Taffy and Zolli® Caramelz™. This is the top-class candy in the USA that they are selling. Now they promote their product on their website through
Treats. boo. Those who love to eat or test these products then they can see them on their website & contact them to buy as per your choice. The good thing is they are showing their candy on their website which you can select as per your choice.

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Ta Boo Domain

Boo Domain

Ta.boo: This website is using a person who is a founding member of Black Eyed Peas. They are an American rapper group. Also, he is a dancer, author, and actor. He created the Ta.boo website to promote his image as a cartoon character. Also, he is associated with the MARVEL movie. 

He promoted his Twitter & Instagram account on this Ta.boo website as per his personal website.

“If you want to make that kind of website then you can contact me. If you like to create a website like that then contact me. I am a website designer, Landing page creator, and Funnel builder. To know more about me click here….”👈👈👈

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Boo boo Domain

Boo Domain

Boo.boo: This is the domain that Google wants to publish & promote. Only Brand Adhesive Bandages company (Band-AID) is using this Boo.boo domain. Their mother company is Johnson & Johnson. BAND-AID® is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson. This website has 50+ products in the band-aid category. Mainly, They have 6 categories of products. 1) Adhesive Bandages, 2) Gauzes & Pads, 3) Tapes & Wraps, 4) Antiseptic & Wound washes, 5) Footcare, 6) First aid kits. In every category, they have many items. You can check their products on Amazon, and Walmart e-commerce websites. Now they are using this Boo.boo website for marketing & sales purposes. Anyone can purchase their product on this website. Also, there are various types of services which they provide on their website.

Meet Your Boo Domain

Boo Domain

Meetyour.boo: This domain is used for dating purposes. One dating company is using this Meetyour.boo domain. They are a very renowned company for dating. Many people are looking for the right date, they are giving this service & they are giving good results as per your requirement. The company name is “Coffee Meets Bagel”. They have an app for mobile users. Their customers are fully satisfied with their services. As per the promotion, they are promoting their customer testimonials on their Meetyour.boo website. 

You can buy it for your personal or professional work & this domain is going to take all the platforms for creating a website. Anyone can use it for love, fun, or gift purpose. All these domains are very highly secure top-level domains that Google Registry is going to publish for everyone. This boo domain is not for Halloween purposes. You can use this for lifetime use. Starting November 8, you can register your own .boo domain name as part of our Early Access Program for an additional one-time fee. This fee decreases daily until November 15. On November 15, .boo domains will become publicly available at a base annual price through your registrar of choice. To learn more about pricing and our participating partners,

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Flexi Funnels
Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?

Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?

Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?  ORAre you with your soul mate?Are you feeling stuck in your love life? Wasting all your energy on somebody, who’s not the right one? And in the meantime, letting all sorts of opportunities pass you by. That's the crazy thing...

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FlexiFunnels – India’s First Funnel Builder Software

FlexiFunnels – India’s First Funnel Builder Software

FlexiFunnels – India’s First Funnel Builder Software

“FlexiFunnels is India’s First Funnel Builder Software” Created by Saurabh Bhatnagar

Flexi Funnels
Flexi Funnels

FlexiFunnels  is The Most Advanced Funnel Builder On The Planet.

FlexiFunnels is powered with super-advanced features that you get nowhere else on any single platform on the entire internet. We wanted FlexiFunnels to be the BEST, and that’s what we have delivered. We mean when we say it, have a look: It has the option to Drag & Drop Page Builder.

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What is Flexi Funnels ?

Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels is a software.

 It is centralized software for business owners or entrepreneurs who are going to launch their business online. Flexi Funnels is a Funnel Builder or Landing Page builder that can run almost everything, you can run your online business all at one place.

Everyone can take their business online without knowing How to Code ? It is just Drag & Drop process that you can easily make your website or landing page or funnel for your project.

Promote your skills & products to the online world with the help of Flexi Funnels within an hour in your comfortable room. Make your Website, Landing Page, Funnel Page for your business. 

Flexi Funnels is a good landing page builder or funnel builder. It is so simple to create a landing page just drag & drop feature you can make the best Funnels in this online world.

Everyone can make a website with the help of Flexi Funnels. Also, you can make a marketing funnel, online courses & you can set up an entire online business without technical knowledge. They are showing a video of a 6th standard student making a website using Drag & Drop features without knowing coding.  

Flexi Funnels has good online customer care support, I personally talk with them, and they are giving any solution in just a second. Also, they have good sound knowledge on any online problem which is related to flexi funnels. They are too good.


Flexi Funnels Got Featured onIndia TodayNews Magazine website. 

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🚀 Get a Super Fast Web Hosting on Flexi Funnels ?


Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels have their Subdomain where you can create your SubDomain on this platform & there is No Need to add any web hosting because they have Super Fast Web Hosting. You don’t have any problem about web hosting speed or site related issues, all this will be handled by their site automatically. When you will enroll on Flexi Funnels then you will get this Super Fast SubDomain & Web Hosting absolutely free of cost. Also They are giving Free SSL certificates to every website.

This Web Hosting works so much super fast that your page is going to open in Millisecond. That is no doubt because I already use this. If your page is loading late then your mobile conversions are going to reduce by 20 %. If your page is taking to load in 3 second then your bounce rate is more than 50 %. That’s why Flexi Funnels is giving super fast hosting to get more traffic or audience on your Page. You don’t need to add any 3rd party hosting to load the Flexi Funnels pages. They are providing this. So no need to get tension, just take the dive.

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Flexi Funnels Payment Method Feature


Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels is giving you Full Control for integrating payment methods for your Funnel Page or Landing Page. Also Flexi Funnels is integrated with CashFree, Razorpay, Stripe & Paypal. If you have other payment methods then you can integrate with Flexi Funnels

You can contact the Flexi Funnels customer care for this integration part, they are giving full support on this. But mostly users have Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay option, so not to worry about this.


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Flexi Funnels Check Out Page

Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels has so many beautiful Check Out Pages that the conversion is getting so easy for you. There are Done for You (DFY) templates that you are going to like very much. On this DFY template you are getting more conversions than any other funnels.

You need to have a Good looking Check Out Page to increase your conversion, many times your conversions will not happen for bad looking Check Out Page. Most of the traffic will back up for this reason if you don’t have a good looking Check Out page. The Dull & Boring Check Out page is giving less conversion that’s why you need Flexi Funnels.

Flexi Funnels has so many Check Out pages & options to put the Timer, Testimonials, Boxshots, Bullet Points, Video, Bump Offers & many more Templates inside your Check Out pages.

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Bump Offer Features On Flexi Funnels


Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels has an attractive Bump Offer Template that you can get your conversion so easily & quickly. You can create an instant Bump offer on your Check Out Page to increase the cart value.

The Average Order Value (AOV) is going to increase immediately for your Check Out Page. You can make this quick & easy method on Flexi Funnels.

Just Drag & Drop feature on Flexi Funnels that you can create a Bump Offer for your project. It’s really attractive that everyone is going to be attracted to your page when you are going live after making this Bump Offer Page.

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Create Your Advanced Funnel Logic On Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels

On Flexi Funnels you can create your Front End (FE) Upsells (US), Downsells (DS) or One time Offer (OTO) product as per your choice. You can make any kind of combination for your funnel. There are no restrictions to make FE, US, DS or OTO offers. You can make it unlimited as per your choice.

Also you can easily add all the payment features on your funnel by the Flexi Funnels. All the payment options like CashFree, Razorpay, Paypal, Stripe you can add to your funnel by the help of Flexi Funnels. These are the Advanced Funnel features that you are getting for free.

You can see all the enrolled members who purchased your product. You can get all the reports on Flexi Funnels. You can see who is not interested in buying your product, who is clicked “Sorry No To”, who is buying FE, US or DS or OTO. Also you can send to your enrolled member an automated “Thank You” page for those people who are able to buy after purchase that you are giving to them. After making all the steps for your product Just wait & see the power of these Flexi Funnels features. It’s so easy to make like a bread & butter process.

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Easy to Host & Sell Your Courses on Flexi Funnels


Flexi Funnels

FlexiFunnels  is giving to Host any webinar to sell your product. There is a fully integrated option to Host on this platform. There is no need to get a 3rd party application to host & sell your courses. Also you don’t need to register in a zapier account regarding payment. All the solutions are here.There is a particular membership dashboard done for you & where you can see all the members details on here. You can check all the course details that you publish online. You can create all the members’ id & passwords to learn their courses on this dashboard. So ultimately you can do anything as a Digital Coach on FlexiFunnels .

So take the initial step now, and join the revolution here:

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Sell Your Courses with Piracy Protected

Flexi Funnels

On FlexiFunnels you can protect all your courses from piracy. If you are experienced or an expert or old course creator then you must know that there is a big problem of the piracy of your courses. Also you feel that how much you will suffer or lose or affect your business as digital coaching. Your bottom line revenue is going to be low if your course is going to be copied by someone. 

FlexiFunnels is going to show your buyer’s data like Name or email id on every videos who are going to purchase and no one is going to screen record this video again.Best part is all the videos can not be downloaded because FlexiFunnels put encoded videos.No one can not steal your courses.They are taking all the security part of your courses and you are not going to face this issue again or losing income due to piracy.

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Advanced Integration System

Flexi Funnels

FlexiFunnels is giving all the platforms that you need for your online work. It is especially important to integrate all the companies which you need very much. So they have advanced integration. FlexiFunnels has combined or merged all these companies and you can just connect all these websites through this platform. No need to sign up again; they will maintain all this chapter just for you.

So you are getting Autoresponders, Webinar Platform, Payment Solution, Check Out Page all this  platform is available for you in one place that is FlexiFunnels. Now you can run your business without a headache and go to a successful online business. Also they have WEBHOOKS to send your data as per your choice. If you want to get your data in detail then they can send it easily.

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Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages

Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 1
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 2
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 3
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 4
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 5
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 6

FlexiFunnels makes tons of Done For You (DFY) Templates for your Funnels & Pages. So you need not to worry about creating your funnels or pages. All this is free for you. There are few samples of FlexiFunnels Template that I am showing here. You can create your funnels & pages within a minute with the help of this. They are using those templates in their business to get more results for best sales, marketing, conversion.It is just Drag & Drop of your content, create your branding then you are done to go online.

FlexiFunnels is going to provide Local business, Offline Business, Course Creators, Network Marketers, Digital Product Sellers, Lead Generation, Sales, Upsell, Downsell, One Time Offer, Check Out Template, Webinar Registration, Product Launch Formula, Service, Agency, Business 2 Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), E-commerce and many more ready made template that you can get it from here.

FlexiFunnels is giving the Highly Optimized Template to generate Leads, Conversion and sales. Also it is suitable for all Mobile Optimizer Templates. Just use this and get your conversion so easily.

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Custom, Edit, Import Templates in Pre-Built Section

Custom, Edit, Import Templates in Pre-Built Section

FlexiFunnels has given you the Pre – Built Section which You can create your own template or modify or edit or import it as per your business or requirement.They understand your work value that’s why they are providing this kind of option. If you will be stuck in any place then it will affect your work for this reason they are giving this option only for you. Somewhere or sometime if you need to change / modify any templates or want to import a personalized template for your work instead of a DFY template then it will be super easy on  FlexiFunnels

FlexiFunnels has given an editor option where you can add About Us, Bonuses, Features & Benefits, Pricing Table, Team etc for your funnels & pages. Also you can write about your product details in this Pre- Built section. There is a particular blank template they are providing & on this blank template you can create your own choice.

For example, FlexiFunnels is providing one option that you can use for your work. You can go for the “Select Template” option which you will find Email, Sales Page, Product Launch, Webinar Registration, Thank you, Check Out, Upsell / Downsell, Local Business, Branding, B2B Service, SB Templates, Others. This is a particular option which you can select for your project & create your own templates as per your choice.Also The FlexiFunnels Founder Mr.Sourabh Bhatnagar is going to give you personal templates which he is using regularly on his business. This is a BIg Gift for you. He generates income regularly using these templates for his business. So, You can use any of these templates or create your own templates as per your choice for your funnel and Pages.

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Done For You (DFY)

Fully Automated Mobile Responsive Pages.

Done For You (DFY) Fully Automated Mobile Responsive Pages

How To Make Your Page Mobile Friendly ?

Every person has this headache.But the wait is over. FlexiFunnels is giving a Fully Automated Mobile Responsive Page for you. Don’t need to go anywhere, just create your pages on here & they will do this for you. No need to think of it. It is an automated process done by FlexiFunnels.You don’t need to create Individual Responsive Pages for desktop, laptop, mobile, tab or you don’t need to edit or modify for this. You don’t need to hide an element for a specific device. You don’t need to create a custom style for a particular device.

Let’s say, You need to create a Big Heading for a Mobile View. In this position you need to edit the Heading Element on Mobile and reduce the font size. You need to go to the Style option and then the Typography option to adjust the font size. Another Common Case is that you have a good banner with a good background image and text content. Now you need to move the content or slide the content, then you have to use the Padding option. After that you will see on the mobile that your content is going to disappear in mobile view, then again you have to rearrange or edit or change the Padding option. After you are all set these things then again you will see some content is still not visible on mobile, this is very Irritable. Again you need to work on this till it’s going to be perfect.

Now that is the situation FlexiFunnels is coming for you. They are taking all these issues or queries to solve in Millisecond. All the pages are automatically Mobile Responsive Pages, You just create your pages by the help of Drag and Drop, after that publish it and you can check all the pages will be perfectly showing on all the devices. Their Smart Editor will make your pages fully Mobile Responsive automatically. Your page is going to be 99 % perfect and fully Responsive. Also There is a Custom Option if you want to change or edit anything for mobile. So not to worry about anything.

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Get The Full Advanced Analytics Report

Get The Full Advanced Analytics Report

One of the most crucial parts is to get full analytics in detail. You need all the data from time to time for your product conversion So FlexiFunnels is going to provide a Date Filter Process Full Advanced Analytics Report on your Flexi Account. You will nurture your audience with the help of this. It means you can change your Advertisement as per your Analytics Report.

When you are going to give advertisements in Google Ads or Facebook Ads that time FlexiFunnels is giving you perfect and accurate data which you need very much. In the marketing time you will see how many conversions that you are getting per day. This is the most important role when you are marketing any product and you are not getting your conversion or page conversion analytics report.

So, When you get the Full Analytics Report from FlexiFunnels, after that you will get more conversions. Because already you know which page is giving you more conversion at what rate. Now you can keep on Testing / Tweaking those page content for more conversions easily. Plus, with the help of date filter you can see clearly what needs to be changed to impact on your conversion. You will see all the Optin Page, Sales Page, Checkout Page in a unique way.

FlexiFunnels is going to show you this Advanced Analytics Report in Unique Way. Have a look at this below. It is just an example, you will get more reports in a unique way…….They are showing all important statistic reports with Date Wise….like…

SL No Date Name Of The Report
1 01 – 01 – 2022

Optin Page Views 

(All & Unique)

2 01 – 01 – 2022

Sales Page Views 

(All & Unique)

3 01 – 01 – 2022

Checkout Page Views 

(All & Unique)

4 01 – 01 – 2022 Optin Page Conversion Rate
5 01 – 01 – 2022 Checkout Page Conversion Rate
6 01 – 01 – 2022 Unique Orders
7 01 – 01 – 2022 Revenue
8 01 – 01 – 2022 Average Order Value
9 01 – 01 – 2022 Earnings Per Visitor
10 01 – 01 – 2022 Funnel Conversion Rate
11 01 – 01 – 2022 Sales
12 01 – 01 – 2022 Refunds
13 01 – 01 – 2022 Refunded Customers
14 01 – 01 – 2022 Refund Amount
15 01 – 01 – 2022 Refund Rate
16 01 – 01 – 2022 Net Revenue
17 01 – 01 – 2022 Rebills
18 01 – 01 – 2022 Rebills Revenue

So, you will get all the Important Statistical Advanced Analytics Report on the Same Date which comes with Date Filter on FlexiFunnels.

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Get All The Data & Reports with Date Filters In Unique Way

Get All The Data & Reports with Date Filters In Unique Way

On FlexiFunnels you need to add your autoresponders as per your choice after that they will send you all data to your autoresponders account every day. Also, you will check your data on your FlexiFunnels dashboard & it will show you every second update. It’s going the magic way, it is an automatic update process, you don’t need to select it one by one to see your data. All the data you will check on your Reports Dashboard on Date Wise. 

On the FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard you can check Last 6 Months data. Also you can send or export this data on the “export CSV” option that you see on your right hand side on this dashboard. If you want to check your data on your mobile then there is an option on the FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard in the top of the right hand side. Click the mobile sign and you will see all the data as a mobile view. There is a “Quick Statistics, Overview, Sales” option on this dashboard where you can see all the data of your existing product. You can change and check the “Currency, Affiliate, Products, Filter by” option for your other report. 

In the above image you are seeing an “Overview” of the existing product on FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard. On the left hand side you can check by the name or email id or order id or transaction id. Also you can check your all products, currency as per the date wise. On this dashboard you will see How many sales are generated and how much revenue that you are getting. There is a drop down list where you can check the “completed” and “All sales” on this day. Also you can see all the payment done through Razorpay or any other payment platform option. If you want to see the “30 days” or “last 6 months report” of all the affiliate products, then it can be available on FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard with the help of the “Quick Date” option. You can see all the “Conversions”, “Sales”, “leads” data in one place that is FlexiFunnels.

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See All The Cart Abandon Or

Failed Payment Data On Flexi Funnels

See All The Cart Abandon Or Failed Payment Data On Flexi Funnels

Anyone who is going to purchase of your product and then suddenly he got stuck to transfer the amount or He / She failed to send the amount for any reason like Card not accepted or internet / network failure or payment failure due to OTP is not coming on his / her mobile that is time you will get this all result on FlexiFunnels dashboard. When you will get this result then you can contact them to solve their queries and convert them to your enroll. This is the Best Part on the FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard where you can see that How many “Cart Abandoned” is happened and you can target them one by one to convert more sales or generate more income.

Any Marketing Experienced, Master, Expert person has done many many online sales only they will know how frequently payment failed or abandoned online ? If you got “Payment Failed” like 10 % for any reason then it will affect your revenue or income. Only This one feature will save you and give Extra 10 – 15 % Revenue to your bottom line. Think of it deeply only for this reason you have not generated extra revenue. Sometimes if anyone clicks the back button on the “payment cart” then you will get the information when you ask to give his / her information details on your FE or US or DS Product or your Landing Page or Funnel Page and if he is not going to purchase your product then you can contact him / her by phone because he / she is not taking the initiative step. Also you can see the person used which payment mode for transactions and they failed like “Razorpay or Instamojo”. So, you can provide another payment mode for his / her convenience. So this makes it easy to get more data for more conversions on FlexiFunnels. Now the Biggest Surprises for you……..

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First, Biggest Surprise for you is that You will get all the information about “Data Integration For Failed Payment”. FlexiFunnels will send you the Failed Payment Data immediately on your autoresponder / CRM of your choice. Now you are happy to get extra conversion. 

Second Biggest Surprise for you, You will get all the information about “
Cart Recovery Email”, FlexiFunnels automatically start sending all the Failed Payment Email who are unable to send the payment on the cart. This Failed Payment list is going to generate extra income for your business. Now You have All the Failed payment list, on this list you can inform them and get them back on your enroll member list. This will help you to get massive & extra results for your Client also if you have any Affiliate Product for sale.


You Can Do So Much More with FlexiFunnel


Individual Advanced Features of FlexiFunnels :

FlexiFunnels - India’s First Funnel Builder Software Blog
Rocket Speed

🚀 Rocket Speed Mode on FlexiFunnelsel🚀

Rocket Speed Mode on FlexiFunnels

Did you see the FlexiFunnels speed on this above image, Yes, it really has superfast web hosting. According to a Pingdom.com survey report if your website is taking an extra 1 second to open then you are losing 38 % of the audience. Only for this reason you will lose 380 genuine customers out of 1000 customers. Every second delay and you are losing money out of your pocket. IIf you are going to use FlexiFunnels then your page is going to open like a thunderstorm. So you are going to save your money for getting this Rocket Speed, Superfast, Thunderstorm web hosting. You don’t need to add 3rd party hosting.

Click here to test your website Speed : https://gtmetrix.com/ 👈👈

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈

Get Simple & Modern Technologies Design in Flexi Funnles

Get Simple & Modern Technologies Design Options in Flexifunnels Without Coding

On FlexiFunnels a 6 years old can create a funnel or landing page with a simple way to use drag & drop options and it is going to be a world class funnels or landing page. Yes, They have changed the game, you can build professional style funnels or landing pages with the help of drag & drop feature technology & premium design features. This is the first time that no one has ever seen before to do this way. 

Just you need to move your element as per your choice and you are done, there is no need to use any kind of coding. There is an endless design option, Just like the way you thought, the FlexiFunnels editor is giving to you all the elements & design setting as per your imagination. They are providing Advanced Styling Features, You can move your elements 360° or animate, or rotate or front or back or oblique. Whatever you want to do you can. You can change your text or image or video so easily & instantly. Just type “I Believe In You” & it’s changed, Just double click & select your image & done, In the video section just put the URL or upload it & your video is going to live. You can edit anything instantly. When you complete your page then click on “Publish” and you are going to Live. No more waiting. You can use this FlexiFunnels on any device from anywhere in the world. All the pages are Mobile friendly, you don’t need to edit or change any pages for mobile version or tablet version. It will automatically show on any device. It is fully optimized Mobile Responsive by default. If you want to change anything then you can have this control in your hand. They included all the marketing features to grow your leads on social media, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Phone, Email, Skype. Also they added High Converting Checkout pages, timers, coupons, bump offers, cart abandon recovery & there is so much more to get more sales.

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈


Problem vs Solutions –

Pros👍 Con👎
Right click disable option not available on page setting, (Except Course Products) (Will Update if there’s any)
Youtube & whatsapp, instagram image / theme should be available on element > social media block. It’s available on style setting option but it is not available on social media block themes. (Will Update if there’s any)
404 page “Return to homepage” is not working. (Will Update if there’s any)
Where do I have a backup file ?

 Flexi has its own backup & you will get back your data through flexi back up team.

(WordPress will send the backup once in a week by the help of plugins.)

E-Commerce website is not available (Will Update if there’s any)
Zoom Integration is not available

(Will Update if there’s any)

In another way You can create your course from vimeo or youtube & integrate on flexifunnels.

All the payment gateway is available like Paypal, Stipe, Razorpay etc. Done👍
All the courses are protected like & all the courses are showing OTT Level Streaming, So forget about piracy because right click is not working on flexi funnels. Done👍
QR code generator on your page Done👍
Add WordPress Plugin on FlexiFunnels page (Will Update it soon)

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈


Whatever the pros & cons, they will update it on day by day so don’t need to worry, Also they are giving super speed chat support on 24 * 7 basis. If you have any kind of problem then they will sort it out within a minute. The FlexiFunnels software is giving great value to their clients. It has a full training video module on this software. You can learn it step by step.

On FlexiFunnels you will get 18 courses & all the modules have a lot of learning videos. If you watch & implement all the learning modules step by step then you will understand the power of FlexiFunnels . All this course is available on the “Funnel Growth System” option.

If you still want to get more knowledge about FlexiFunnels then check my Youtube video & watch the Full review of FlexiFunnels.

👆 The Youtube video is on the above on this page.👆

After learning the FlexiFunnels training course you will not search for any kind of work. This is a proven strategy on FlexiFunnels. So, keep learning & after that you can generate income easily.

Let’s see how many module are there on FlexiFunnels for Freelancer / Service:

Course Name Training Module / Video
How to start your online business 3 video
FlexiFunnels tutorials – Implemented all the learnings 11 video
Zero to One Crore Series (4 hours – Business overview) 15 video
Freelancing, Agency & Getting Clients. Immediately start doing the reach outs. 6 video
Funnel training (20 Hour Funnel Masterclass) 67 video
Immediate Traffic Secrets 57 video
Copywriting Mastery 65 video
Email marketing & Lead Generation 4 video
Growth Hacks 17 video

“Guy’s, listen to it very very carefully. Those courses are given to you as per proven strategy & past experiences, so, there is no doubt to learn & implement.”

There are more modules / videos for Beginner, Course Creator, Product Seller, Affiliate Marketer, Course Launch Mastery & lots of modules available on FlexiFunnels .

So, click 👉 FlexiFunnels & get it now.

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈

Please See My Flexi Funnels Demo Page, Click on below….👇 My Page  👇

Flexi Funnels
Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?

Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?

Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?  ORAre you with your soul mate?Are you feeling stuck in your love life? Wasting all your energy on somebody, who’s not the right one? And in the meantime, letting all sorts of opportunities pass you by. That's the crazy thing...

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Best Online Video Editing Software – Viddyozez

Best Online Video Editing Software – Viddyozez

Best Online Video Editing Software – Viddyozez

The Number One Currency till now…


What’s the NUMBER one currency in till now? It’s not cash. It’s not revenue. It’s not bitcoin. It is one thing and one thing only: ATTENTION! Why? When you’re able to captivate and hold someone’s attention…. You’re able to create endless amounts of value. And we’re excited to let you know we’ve partnered with the world’s most revolutionary attention-grabbing platform using videos. But not any videos — these are Viddyoze.

Viddyoze does the work for you and allows you to create stunning animations, stingers and so much more….

Without pricey software,

Without unreliable freelancers,

Without corporate clip art,

And we love what they do much that we wanted to give you an opportunity to try them out.

Simply click here to learn more: >>> Why Viddyoze Is Your Secret Weapon!

Click here to do the same…..coolcoolcool

P.S. This video was made only in a few minutes right on the Viddyoze platform. Isn’t that awesome?

Check this product on Google Story…..coolcoolcool

CLICK on Below 

What’s stopping you?



What’s stopping you? Specifically… What’s stopping you from fully embracing video in regards to your brand, product and service?  There’s two ways to do this from what we’ve seen…

Option 1​— those people who use video, but only because they “have to” or it’s what “others” are doing. They usually produce low level content with the quality to match — then wonder why they don’t get conversions, shares and engagement. (Let’s hope this isn’t you…but if it is, that’s okay for now.)

Option 2 — those who understands video is an ESSENTIAL part of growing their presence, and ultimately differentiating themselves in any marketplace. But for both, there are tons of obstacles in the way, right?

Learning software,

Creating production,

Editing turnaround time,

Paying licensing fees,

It’s enough to make you quit, because who’s got that kind of time and cash? That’s why we love Viddyoze. In a few short years, Viddyoze has transformed how people, entrepreneurs, businesses, solo-preneurs create videos that move the needle. Gone are the days of hiring expensive freelancers, dealing with complex and pricey software and taking FOREVER to create.

Click here to learn more: >>>> Discover How Viddyoze Can Change Your Game!

Just 3 clicks for $1,000?



Quick question for you: If you needed a world class produced video to put in your company (or a client’s) logo — how long would it take? Probably more than just 3 clicks or a matter of minutes and if it didn’t, it’d probably look like your 13 year old cousin with an animation hobby put it together.

(And she’s awesome — but still needs some work.) The last few days we’ve been talking about how awesome Viddyoze is, and why this is a must have for your arsenal. These guys are delivering crazy levels of value and are always upgrading their platform to give you the best of the best. What would normally take days, if not weeks — and cost an arm and a leg, now takes a few moments. Add in world class, in-house production with matching beats, and you’re going to have to call a dentist for anyone who comes across your video. Why? Jaws are going to drop so hard.

Boring to make bland video….we has all seen it. In fact, it does more HARM than good, especially to those who see you for the first time. Don’t let that happen to you.

So, head over here now and find out what they’re all about and how you can differentiate yourself using their platform:

>>> Dominate Your Marketplace with Viddyze!

Simplicity = superpower?


In a world with endless options, what becomes your superpower? (Take a second now.) If you said simplicity, you’re right. The reason you and I have trouble executing even some of the best laid out plans for content is simple: We overcomplicate everything, which means we get lost in a sea of “what we could do” or “what we have to do”, instead of what REALLY moves your business forward: EXECUTING! And that’s why we’re so excited to be involved with Viddyoze, because these guys “get” it. They took something that was incredibly complex — creating irresistible videos, stingers, intros and outros… And made it BEYOND simple! But what’s the catch, you’re asking? If it’s simple, it must mean the quality is poor, or something else. And that’s where these guys really win. They travel all over the world and hire the world’s best production crews to create unbelievable templates you can start using today.

Did we mention you’ll never deal with hiring a freelancer again? And oh yeah…you can monetize and sell these at 20X your time and cost.

Check them out right here, and simplify your life:

>>>> Discover How Viddyoze Can Change Your Game!

Straight to the point



During the last few days, we’ve been telling you about our favorite video platform on the planet……

And how is using those to not only simplify every part of your content, but you need to follow this point:

  • Level up your engagement and attention 3 clicks or less
  • consistently overcome the “bottleneck” that comes with creating high value content
  • Raise your praises and establish yourself as an authority
  • Add new revenue streams to your business

…and simply use video as yet another asset in your arsenal to dominate and obliterate your competition! So, what are you waiting for? And best of all, these could EASILY charge 2-3X and it’d be beyond worth it. But they don’t. So we won’t be telling you again, but here’s your opportunity to get in the game and experience it for yourself:

>>>> Discover How To Level Up With Viddyoze They’re always coming up with new additions, features and templates — but their price can go up too. Click Here…

3 – Clicks To Make Perfect Videos!



Breathtaking Animations in 3 Clicks with the World’s Easiest Full-Auto Video Animation Software!

Studio-Grade Intros, Outros, CTAs, Logo Stings, Social Actions, and Pure Live Action Magic… All is done in the Cloud, So You Can Create from Anywhere.

Up till now, growing animations to your videos became best feasible with high priced software program or hiring superstar animators. Viddyoze modifications the whole thing and permits anybody to create effective animations for their videos with the clicking of mouse.

Viddyoze is an extended status service with an ever-growing library that grows each single day. Browse heaps of animations and create your personal brand animations, intros and outros like a pro animator effectively. Viddyoze does all of this just right for you.

Since 2015, Viddyoze has led the rate in growing automatic animations within the cloud. We are now over 100 million international clients in this modern world right now at present, a number of which include the largest corporations within the world and over 2.5 million movies created so far.

Click here to discover Viddyoze…

Here’s why Viddyoze is NO 1 For Your Business…


  • Get notable studio first-class animations and next gen stay action animations for any video in only 3 clicks.
  • Make excessive-classseasoned-movies to sell greater services and products.
  • Improveyour fees and set up yourself as a real professional.
  • Providepre-current videos a new rent of existence (and a boost to conversions) with a unmarried
  • Adda lucrative greater sales steam by way of promoting your animations.
  • Promoteyour table and take Viddyoze on the road… it’s one hundred% cloud based totally, and constructed from the floor up to paintings in your mobile gadgets.
  • The Viddyoze factor-and-click ongadget means each person can now create intros that rival the pinnacle studios – 0 previous revel in is required! 

So take advantage now, and join the revolution here:

 >>>> Discover How To Level Up With Viddyoze.

How to Use this software


Viddyoze is 100% cloud based animation software. You can edit, create animation video in anywhere, anytime. There is no need to install this software on your desktop or laptop or any device. Just log in their website or app & start your creativity. Also there is no need of any technical knowledge to make any video on this platform. You can create animation video within 5 minutes.

Viddyoze has 100,000 customer & they are very satisfied for providing good service since 2015. Also some of the largest companies is using this software & they are making 2.5 million videos till now. This is fully automated software for you. They have various types of templates that can be use for your project as per your choice. Also they are providing high class professional animation in just 3 clicks.

 Viddyoze has given unlimited usage rights. You can customize with your logos, there is no watermark option, easy customization, cloud hosting, 100% mobile compatibility and this software has mp4 file format when you are going to rendering on your video. They have custom audio features where you can add your audio when you making video on this platform.

Viddyoze has also professional quality intros, outros, logo stings. They have iPhone, Skype, social network massages shown up directly on your video screen. Viddyoze help you to build social following, get likes, follows, shares, retweets & othre social media which they have. It means they have strong social media users & followers, clients to work with them & they will help to grow your project work.

Get more info CLICK HERE…

The Bonus feature


Now the bonus feature for you

Viddyoze are giving to you step by step video training tutorial that you can understand that,

How to make a powerful video to sell on up work, freelancerfiver.com platform?

They are giving proper training of that,

How to get local business network to sell your Viddyoze animation videos?

Also they are giving valuable guidance on that,

How to make 0 to $10k per month in video sale?

After that they are providing

How to make automatic process to sell your video in any market?

How to get subscribers on your YouTube Channel?

How to optimize your YouTube channel for more views, like & sales?

How to use Viddyoze to turbo charging on your YouTube channel?

How to sell your YouTube channel services to your clients?

You can get it all those tips & tricks in one platform & that is Viddyoze.

GO to their website & see

What they are going to teach you?

How to explain their valuable service?

After that you will make your decision to take this offer or not.

Click here to do the same…..

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Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?

Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ?

Are you ready to meet your Soul mate ? 


Are you with your soul mate?

Astrological Readings

Are you feeling stuck in your love life?

Wasting all your energy on somebody, who’s not the right one?

And in the meantime, letting all sorts of opportunities pass you by.

That’s the crazy thing about opportunities. . .

Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. And the relationships that were MEANT to be in…

Might never even happen!

Simply because we were preoccupied with the wrong people.

Stuck in unloving relationships, that lack commitment, and lead nowhere. . .

And even worse: Chasing the wrong people, and wasting your precious time crying over someone that was not meant for you.

If you want to save yourself the pain and the heartbreak of chasing after the wrong people, I have to show you this:

A renowned fortune teller from China already helped thousands of people to identify their perfect SOULMATE.

He’s a street artist that draws the people he sees in his visions, helping you find your one and only soul mate.

A local just helped set up a website for him, you should check it out:
>>> Click Here

And the craziest thing? There are already hundreds of couples that are in their dream relationships thanks to him!

Wishing you Love in Abundance

>>> Click Here

Here’s how you messed up your last relationship.


Don’t fall into this trap.



Did you know that you could find out what your perfect soul mate looks like, before ever meeting them?

Whether you’re stuck in an unloving relationship that does not lead anywhere . . .

. . . or keep wasting your time with people that do not return your feelings. . .

Knowing what your soul mate looks like will help you to find the one true love of your life and the loving, pleasing and protective person we all want.

And between you and me,

I’ve even had the luck to find my own dream thanks to this method too.

==> Find out What Your Real Soul mate Looks Like

Imagine this…

You’re traveling and see a street artist, and ask him for a portrait.

The old man asks you to sit and begins drawing, but you can’t see the portrait until he’s done.

When he’s done, and you finally look, it isn’t a picture of you at all!

But another person, you once met before and had an incredible connection with.

Does that send a shiver up your spine? This is exactly what happened to hundreds of his customers.

Soon after, he became famous in China and across the world. First he was disregarded as a crazy old man.

But people started changing their mind, when the couples he saw in his visions actually met each other!

Using his skills, he can predict a person’s ultimate soul mate without ever having met them.

Master Wang soon became one of the most renowned fortune tellers, and has been using his powers ever since to help people find the deep, passionate and loving connections in their life that we all have been missing.

And in fact, it has been the most amazing relationship for me that I ever had. Everyone has found their soul mate thanks to his drawing, reports feelings of intense connection, loyalty and care.

Many brokenhearted people that were stuck in unloving relationships and rejected by the person they desire, and even been cheated on, started believing in love once again, thanks to his powers.

And it makes sense, from all the billions of people out there, how can you be sure to meet the right person?

In our modern world this task has become almost impossible. The result? Feelings of rejection, jealousy and heartbreak.

But knowing what to look for, makes finding the special someone so much easier. After all, how else could you be sure to EVER find them?

Imagine what it would feel like to see their face in front of you, knowing that there is hope, and that the days of loneliness could finally be over.

And more importantly, knowing that when you cross paths with them, you’ll KNOW it’s the right person.

The person that will be romantic, daring, and keeps their love and attention only fixated on you.

Finally, a local helped Master Wang to set up a website so that he could help people from all over the world.

==> Go Here To See if For Yourself

It’s the reason I’m no longer alone and why me and my hubby are so deeply in love.

Wishing you Love in Abundance

>>> Click Here

 What if YOU could be the obsession?


Your love is ACTUALLY Committed to you?


Master Wang

My friend Julia, and her boyfriend just had the most romantic wedding I’ve ever seen.

They have the kind of relationship you can only dream of, like they’ve found their once-in-a-lifetime soul mate.

But you know what the craziest part is?

Julia knew EXACTLY what her future husband looked like, before they even met for the first time!

>>> Click here to see the crazy way they met

See, Julia had her fair share of bad relationships that we all had, her love not getting returned, wasting time in unhappy relationships with guys that are not committed, and getting hurt by men that turned out to be cheaters and liars.

If any of those situations sounds familiar to you, you probably know the pain she was in.

So how did she find her amazing husband that is literally obsessed with her and is not even capable of thinking about other women?

Heartbroken from yet another failed shot at love some years ago, Julia went on a backpacking trip to China.

Tucked away in a little side street of a market, she found this old mysterious man that the locals called Master Wang.

You see, Master Wang is a street artist, but he does not draw the people sitting in front of him.

Instead, he draws pictures of their SOULMATES.

He is a well renowned fortune teller in China and helped hundreds of people to find their perfect soul mates with his drawings.

Julia was intrigued, and that’s how she found her amazing husband after all.

It was so easy to find true love and commitment when you know what the love of your life looks like.

And the best part? With the help of a local, she set up a website for Master Wang, so that everybody around the world can find their soul mate now.

>>> Do you want a drawing of your soulmate too?

>>> Check it out before it’s too late

Have you found your soulmate yet?


What does your soulmate look like?


Master Wang

Have you been in several relationships but couldn’t find your true soulmate?

Or are you still waiting for your knight in shining armor?

Don’t you want to see what your soulmate looks like?

Wait no more, now is your time.

There is no need to wait for someone who might not be THE ONE.           

See your soulmate’s face with the help of Master Wang.

>>> Click here to see your soulmate’s face!

It’s crazy, right? How this opportunity has come to you…

You don’t need to chase after the wrong person in your life anymore, thinking that they are your destiny.

The fairytale is waiting for you. With the help of this phenomenal master, you will not have your heart broken again.

Master Wang has already connected thousands of couples thanks to his remarkable psychic powers.

With your name, and a few details, he draws with the help of psychic visions the exact appearance of your true soulmate.

And your location does not matter anymore…

Answer a few questions on his website that a local helped him to set up and get your soulmate’s portrait NOW.

Be the next one this master helps to find true love, and chase your destiny.
>>> Find your true love

A powerful master who will draw your soulmate


See what your true soulmate looks like



There is a master in China who is said to have supernatural abilities.

He can draw your soulmate’s face. WHAAT? You read it right!

Don’t you want to see what your true soulmate looks like?

Do you feel like you are with your soulmate right now?

Or can you imagine living your life without knowing who your true love is?

Don’t waste your time waiting for the perfect person to appear in your life.
The time is NOW, so act NOW…

>>> Click here to see your true soulmate

Master Wang has already helped thousands of people to find their soulmates.

Be the next one.Who knows, maybe you see your soulmate everyday, but you don’t notice them.

With only your name and some personal details, this Chinese Psychic will draw your soulmate.

A local just helped set up a website for him, you should check it out:

>>> Click Here

There is no need to live in uncertainty anymore.

Forget about your past and forget about your heartbreaks.

True love is waiting for you. This opportunity is for you, so take advantage of it. Don’t be afraid.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you are from. Answer only a few questions on his website and you will receive a hand-sketched portrait of your soulmate.

Start living in love and happiness and let Master Wang help you to find your soulmate.

 >>> Hurry before it’s too late!

PS: He’s already getting overwhelmed with too many requests from all over the world, so they might take the site down soon.

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How to Earn 7 Figures a Year without Ever Leaving Home?

How to Earn 7 Figures a Year without Ever Leaving Home?

How to Earn 7 Figures a Year without Ever Leaving Home?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Since the advent of the Internet, people have been interested in earning a living online. This idea has grown in popularity even more as a result of the lockdowns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. But how can you actually get started earning a living from home without risking all of your savings or going into debt to start a business?

There are many ways to earn a living online these days, from freelance work to full-time remote positions to running your own Etsy store or selling products on Amazon. I could probably list 100 different ways to earn a living online, but the #1 that I always suggest is affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common, but often misunderstood ways to create an online business from scratch with little to no upfront expense.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is simply the process of selling someone else’s products to earn a commission. That’s it.

Affiliate marketing means you need to promote the product on social media platform or affiliate website. You need to registered on the affiliate website & promote his product after that buyer will buy the product & you will get commission on that product. The commission is giving 50% on that product; sometimes you will get 80% commission on that product.

It depends on that which affiliate product you are going to promote. The commission is showing on that product when you are going to see for promote on affiliate website. After that get your affiliate link which you can see under the product when you hit the product link & promote any social media or Google.

When Affiliate Marketing is started?


Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing on the Internet was conceived of, put into practice and patented by William J. Tobin, the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts. Launched on the Prodigy Network in 1989, PC Flowers & Gifts remained on the service until 1996. By 1993, PC Flowers & Gifts generated sales in excess of $6 million per year on the Prodigy service in 1998.

Future in Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is booming now. In this lock down period it is growing huge. IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) has reported that the affiliate marketing industry in India would cross the $835 million mark by the year 2025. It fuels approximately 15% to 20% of total online sales. More businesses than ever are using affiliate marketing as a cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences. Annual spending in this industry is projected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022 in the U.S.

How It Works?


Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

At its core, the process for earning money with affiliate marketing is pretty simple. You simply find a product to promote, get targeted traffic to that product’s sales page, and then you simply collect your commissions on any sales that you make.

There are many affiliate networks where you can easily find products to promote to start earning commissions. One I always recommend is ClickBank (https://clickbank.com), because it’s easy to get approved, there are tons of different products to promote, and most of the products pay out a hefty commission.

So that then begs the question, “how does one generate targeted traffic?”

There are tons of ways. Some of the most popular are Facebook ads, YouTube ads, SEO, native ads, social media posts, and that’s just to name a few.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to have success with affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, most people do it the wrong way.

The Wrong Way


Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Many newbie affiliates will find an offer to promote, run traffic directly to that offer, and then sometimes they make a few sales and earn some commissions. That process actually CAN work out well sometimes if you find the right offer and get traffic cheap enough.

The problem with that approach is that it’s a “one and done” approach. You pay for traffic, make some sales, and then you have to repeat the process. But what happens when the offer no longer generates the same level of sales? Or what happens when your traffic costs go up?

You see, finding the right product and getting cheap enough traffic to turn a profit is hard enough to do in the first place. But even if you’re lucky enough to make it happen, it won’t last.

But don’t worry. There is a better way.

The Right Way


Affiliate Marketing

Don’t send your traffic directly to an affiliate offer.

You need to spend your traffic budget on building an asset that you own. Invest in growing an Instagram page, a YouTube channel, or my personal favorite…An email list.

When you build up your own asset, like an email list, you can use that asset again and again to generate traffic over and over to new offers. This is the secret that all expert affiliate marketers already know.

The 7 Figure Systems


Affiliate Marketing

There’s an expert affiliate marketer that’s earned 7 figures a year since 2010 using a simple system that anyone can follow to build up their own assets and start earning consistent, sustainable income with affiliate marketing.

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