Why Flexi Funnels have an app domain? | Boo Domain 👻 | New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google

Why Flexi Funnels have an app domain? | Boo Domain 👻 | New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google

What is Domain?

Boo Domain

Domain Meaning is you have a name on the internet. Everyone knows you from this domain name on the internet. Also, you need to have hosting where you can store your data on the internet. There are many web hosting companies available on the internet where you can buy & use them for your website. Also, you can buy it as per your name which is considered a domain. 

Like indraloka is my name & indraloka.in is a domain name on the internet. I am using hostinger.com for web hosting. So, dot in, dot com, and dot app are domain names, I got my point. www.google.com here www is also the domain name & google is also the domain name. Get to know more about Subdomain for www Subdomain.

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Why Flexi Funnels Have an App domain?

Boo Domain

The app domain’s complete form is the application domain. It is under the .Net framework. They are providing this service. All the data is generated through coding from the .Net Framework

App domain is a name which you can use for your domain name instead of your name.

This domain has separation power effects just like an operating system process. Multiple threats will attack or come into your domain. So, this app domain has the power to separate & stop. If you want to know more then read my latest article on FlexiFunnels.


Flexi Funnels Got Featured onIndia TodayNews Magazine website. 

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Boo Domain

New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google


Boo Domain

On 8th November 2022, you can apply for the Boo domain. Boo is a ghost name. Everyone can use it for their requirements. Someone uses this for his / her lover to give a surprise on making a website on this boo domain. Any person can make the website for his business purpose if they have any ghost-related product, like if anyone is selling coffin or ghost costume for movie-related work or video film or video song or making ghost web series. Then those people need to promote their product on a website to sell. It is the perfect domain for these people who have this kind of business.


Also, there is a big event in the USA. Halloween events, the USA person should use this domain to promote their ghost-related product. Also, European countries are going to celebrate this Halloween event, so they can use this kind of domain for their personal or professional purpose. 


Some people are selling websites for their clients. So they can buy it as per their client’s requirement. If your client is asking for this domain to buy for his / her finance as a surprise gift then you can go for it. Also, it would be best if you made this whole website ready as per client requirements before giving this service with the help of this domain.


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Now, the question is, where to buy on this domain?

Google registry is going to publish this kind of domain to buy. They are going to publish it on 8th November 2022. On that day you can buy your domain as per your niche. There are 5 domains on the internet that use this kind of domain.

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5 Live Boo domain website is published on Google


Boo Domain

There are 5 people and the company uses the boo domain for personal or professional purposes. They have got google permission to publish their domain on the internet for the sale of their Halloween-related products. I am going to tell you all 5 domains below.. have a look….


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Why Flexi Funnels have an app domain? | Boo Domain 👻 | New Secure Top-Level Domain from Google

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Halloween  Boo Domain

Boo Domain

Halloween.boo: Party City company is situated in the USA. It is a big company that sells Halloween products in the USA. They have a big shopping mall for this Halloween product. They retail this product in the USA market. Recently they published their website as Halloween. boo domain name. On this website, they are selling various types of Halloween products like costumes, wigs, masks, weapons, makeup, Halloween home decoration etc.

SL NoMain Categories Products
1Birthday party supplies
3All party supplies
4Holidays & Occasions
5Shop by theme
6Costume & accessories
7Candy & bakeware

Have look below at the various type of Halloween Costume & accessories products in party city:

SL NoCostumes Names
1Girl’s Costume
2Boy’s Costume
3Women’s Costume
4Men’s Costume
5Family & Group Costumes
6Plus-Size Costumes
7Baby Costumes
8Pet Costumes
9Festival Costume Collection
10Fairy Costume Collection
11Punk Rock Costume Collection
12CyberPunk Costume Collection
13Devil Costume Collection
14Witch Costume Collection
15Angel Costume Collection
1690’s Costume Collection
1770’s Costume Collection


SL NoAccessories Names
1Halloween wigs
2Halloween weapons
3Halloween masks
4Halloween makeups

SL NoDecorations
1Skeleton & Skull
3Hanging Props
5Lighting & special effects
7Outdoor yard decorations
8All Halloween decorations
10Home decorations

Also, They have many many Halloween party supplies products like Halloween tableware, Halloween balloons & all kinds of Halloween party supplies & they are selling Shop tending themes like Scary decor to haunt your home, family-friend decorations, Nightmare Before Christmas theme, and hocus-pocus themes. They are providing Halloween party theme ideas and Halloween makeup tutorial videos. If you want to see all their products on their website then click here…👈👈

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Treats Boo Domain


Boo Domain
Boo Domain

Treats.boo: We celebrate our holidays with sweets. There is one sweets company who is making sweets for Halloween & holidays. They are making 100% zero sugar candy & sweets. They are making allergy-friendly sweets for those people who have allergy problems. Also, those who have a strict diet can also eat these sweets. If any person has a keto diet, they can have these sweets. The Zolly candy company makes these sweets for every person.


This company is using the Treats domain for their company. They are making various kinds of sweets, and candy, as per customer choice, also, they are making Halloween event type candy, also, if anyone wants to give sweets/candy design as per your choice then they are making that kind of sweets or candy as per customer order. They are providing one big gift for their customer. If anyone is making a well-designed pumpkin candy then they could win a Zolli candy gift box. Read the Terms & conditions on their website about this contest, click on here…👈👈👈 

This candy company has a few products like Zollipops®, Zolli® Drops, Zaffi® Taffy and Zolli® Caramelz™. This is the top-class candy in the USA that they are selling. Now they promote their product on their website through
Treats. boo. Those who love to eat or test these products then they can see them on their website & contact them to buy as per your choice. The good thing is they are showing their candy on their website which you can select as per your choice.

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Ta Boo Domain

Boo Domain

Ta.boo: This website is using a person who is a founding member of Black Eyed Peas. They are an American rapper group. Also, he is a dancer, author, and actor. He created the Ta.boo website to promote his image as a cartoon character. Also, he is associated with the MARVEL movie. 

He promoted his Twitter & Instagram account on this Ta.boo website as per his personal website.

“If you want to make that kind of website then you can contact me. If you like to create a website like that then contact me. I am a website designer, Landing page creator, and Funnel builder. To know more about me click here….”👈👈👈

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Boo boo Domain

Boo Domain

Boo.boo: This is the domain that Google wants to publish & promote. Only Brand Adhesive Bandages company (Band-AID) is using this Boo.boo domain. Their mother company is Johnson & Johnson. BAND-AID® is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson. This website has 50+ products in the band-aid category. Mainly, They have 6 categories of products. 1) Adhesive Bandages, 2) Gauzes & Pads, 3) Tapes & Wraps, 4) Antiseptic & Wound washes, 5) Footcare, 6) First aid kits. In every category, they have many items. You can check their products on Amazon, and Walmart e-commerce websites. Now they are using this Boo.boo website for marketing & sales purposes. Anyone can purchase their product on this website. Also, there are various types of services which they provide on their website.

Meet Your Boo Domain

Boo Domain

Meetyour.boo: This domain is used for dating purposes. One dating company is using this Meetyour.boo domain. They are a very renowned company for dating. Many people are looking for the right date, they are giving this service & they are giving good results as per your requirement. The company name is “Coffee Meets Bagel”. They have an app for mobile users. Their customers are fully satisfied with their services. As per the promotion, they are promoting their customer testimonials on their Meetyour.boo website. 

You can buy it for your personal or professional work & this domain is going to take all the platforms for creating a website. Anyone can use it for love, fun, or gift purpose. All these domains are very highly secure top-level domains that Google Registry is going to publish for everyone. This boo domain is not for Halloween purposes. You can use this for lifetime use. Starting November 8, you can register your own .boo domain name as part of our Early Access Program for an additional one-time fee. This fee decreases daily until November 15. On November 15, .boo domains will become publicly available at a base annual price through your registrar of choice. To learn more about pricing and our participating partners,

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