FlexiFunnels – India’s First Funnel Builder Software

FlexiFunnels – India’s First Funnel Builder Software

FlexiFunnels – India’s First Funnel Builder Software

“FlexiFunnels is India’s First Funnel Builder Software” Created by Saurabh Bhatnagar

Flexi Funnels
Flexi Funnels

FlexiFunnels  is The Most Advanced Funnel Builder On The Planet.

FlexiFunnels is powered with super-advanced features that you get nowhere else on any single platform on the entire internet. We wanted FlexiFunnels to be the BEST, and that’s what we have delivered. We mean when we say it, have a look: It has the option to Drag & Drop Page Builder.

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What is Flexi Funnels ?

Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels is a software.

 It is centralized software for business owners or entrepreneurs who are going to launch their business online. Flexi Funnels is a Funnel Builder or Landing Page builder that can run almost everything, you can run your online business all at one place.

Everyone can take their business online without knowing How to Code ? It is just Drag & Drop process that you can easily make your website or landing page or funnel for your project.

Promote your skills & products to the online world with the help of Flexi Funnels within an hour in your comfortable room. Make your Website, Landing Page, Funnel Page for your business. 

Flexi Funnels is a good landing page builder or funnel builder. It is so simple to create a landing page just drag & drop feature you can make the best Funnels in this online world.

Everyone can make a website with the help of Flexi Funnels. Also, you can make a marketing funnel, online courses & you can set up an entire online business without technical knowledge. They are showing a video of a 6th standard student making a website using Drag & Drop features without knowing coding.  

Flexi Funnels has good online customer care support, I personally talk with them, and they are giving any solution in just a second. Also, they have good sound knowledge on any online problem which is related to flexi funnels. They are too good.


Flexi Funnels Got Featured onIndia TodayNews Magazine website. 

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🚀 Get a Super Fast Web Hosting on Flexi Funnels ?


Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels have their Subdomain where you can create your SubDomain on this platform & there is No Need to add any web hosting because they have Super Fast Web Hosting. You don’t have any problem about web hosting speed or site related issues, all this will be handled by their site automatically. When you will enroll on Flexi Funnels then you will get this Super Fast SubDomain & Web Hosting absolutely free of cost. Also They are giving Free SSL certificates to every website.

This Web Hosting works so much super fast that your page is going to open in Millisecond. That is no doubt because I already use this. If your page is loading late then your mobile conversions are going to reduce by 20 %. If your page is taking to load in 3 second then your bounce rate is more than 50 %. That’s why Flexi Funnels is giving super fast hosting to get more traffic or audience on your Page. You don’t need to add any 3rd party hosting to load the Flexi Funnels pages. They are providing this. So no need to get tension, just take the dive.

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Flexi Funnels Payment Method Feature


Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels is giving you Full Control for integrating payment methods for your Funnel Page or Landing Page. Also Flexi Funnels is integrated with CashFree, Razorpay, Stripe & Paypal. If you have other payment methods then you can integrate with Flexi Funnels

You can contact the Flexi Funnels customer care for this integration part, they are giving full support on this. But mostly users have Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay option, so not to worry about this.


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Flexi Funnels Check Out Page

Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels has so many beautiful Check Out Pages that the conversion is getting so easy for you. There are Done for You (DFY) templates that you are going to like very much. On this DFY template you are getting more conversions than any other funnels.

You need to have a Good looking Check Out Page to increase your conversion, many times your conversions will not happen for bad looking Check Out Page. Most of the traffic will back up for this reason if you don’t have a good looking Check Out page. The Dull & Boring Check Out page is giving less conversion that’s why you need Flexi Funnels.

Flexi Funnels has so many Check Out pages & options to put the Timer, Testimonials, Boxshots, Bullet Points, Video, Bump Offers & many more Templates inside your Check Out pages.

Check out right here 👇👇👇

>>>> Flexi Funnels

Bump Offer Features On Flexi Funnels


Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels has an attractive Bump Offer Template that you can get your conversion so easily & quickly. You can create an instant Bump offer on your Check Out Page to increase the cart value.

The Average Order Value (AOV) is going to increase immediately for your Check Out Page. You can make this quick & easy method on Flexi Funnels.

Just Drag & Drop feature on Flexi Funnels that you can create a Bump Offer for your project. It’s really attractive that everyone is going to be attracted to your page when you are going live after making this Bump Offer Page.

Here’s your opportunity to get the experience for yourself: 👇👇👇

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Create Your Advanced Funnel Logic On Flexi Funnels

Flexi Funnels

On Flexi Funnels you can create your Front End (FE) Upsells (US), Downsells (DS) or One time Offer (OTO) product as per your choice. You can make any kind of combination for your funnel. There are no restrictions to make FE, US, DS or OTO offers. You can make it unlimited as per your choice.

Also you can easily add all the payment features on your funnel by the Flexi Funnels. All the payment options like CashFree, Razorpay, Paypal, Stripe you can add to your funnel by the help of Flexi Funnels. These are the Advanced Funnel features that you are getting for free.

You can see all the enrolled members who purchased your product. You can get all the reports on Flexi Funnels. You can see who is not interested in buying your product, who is clicked “Sorry No To”, who is buying FE, US or DS or OTO. Also you can send to your enrolled member an automated “Thank You” page for those people who are able to buy after purchase that you are giving to them. After making all the steps for your product Just wait & see the power of these Flexi Funnels features. It’s so easy to make like a bread & butter process.

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Easy to Host & Sell Your Courses on Flexi Funnels


Flexi Funnels

FlexiFunnels  is giving to Host any webinar to sell your product. There is a fully integrated option to Host on this platform. There is no need to get a 3rd party application to host & sell your courses. Also you don’t need to register in a zapier account regarding payment. All the solutions are here.There is a particular membership dashboard done for you & where you can see all the members details on here. You can check all the course details that you publish online. You can create all the members’ id & passwords to learn their courses on this dashboard. So ultimately you can do anything as a Digital Coach on FlexiFunnels .

So take the initial step now, and join the revolution here:

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Sell Your Courses with Piracy Protected

Flexi Funnels

On FlexiFunnels you can protect all your courses from piracy. If you are experienced or an expert or old course creator then you must know that there is a big problem of the piracy of your courses. Also you feel that how much you will suffer or lose or affect your business as digital coaching. Your bottom line revenue is going to be low if your course is going to be copied by someone. 

FlexiFunnels is going to show your buyer’s data like Name or email id on every videos who are going to purchase and no one is going to screen record this video again.Best part is all the videos can not be downloaded because FlexiFunnels put encoded videos.No one can not steal your courses.They are taking all the security part of your courses and you are not going to face this issue again or losing income due to piracy.

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Advanced Integration System

Flexi Funnels

FlexiFunnels is giving all the platforms that you need for your online work. It is especially important to integrate all the companies which you need very much. So they have advanced integration. FlexiFunnels has combined or merged all these companies and you can just connect all these websites through this platform. No need to sign up again; they will maintain all this chapter just for you.

So you are getting Autoresponders, Webinar Platform, Payment Solution, Check Out Page all this  platform is available for you in one place that is FlexiFunnels. Now you can run your business without a headache and go to a successful online business. Also they have WEBHOOKS to send your data as per your choice. If you want to get your data in detail then they can send it easily.

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Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages

Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 1
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 2
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 3
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 4
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 5
Done For You (DFY) Templates For Your Funnels & Pages 6

FlexiFunnels makes tons of Done For You (DFY) Templates for your Funnels & Pages. So you need not to worry about creating your funnels or pages. All this is free for you. There are few samples of FlexiFunnels Template that I am showing here. You can create your funnels & pages within a minute with the help of this. They are using those templates in their business to get more results for best sales, marketing, conversion.It is just Drag & Drop of your content, create your branding then you are done to go online.

FlexiFunnels is going to provide Local business, Offline Business, Course Creators, Network Marketers, Digital Product Sellers, Lead Generation, Sales, Upsell, Downsell, One Time Offer, Check Out Template, Webinar Registration, Product Launch Formula, Service, Agency, Business 2 Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), E-commerce and many more ready made template that you can get it from here.

FlexiFunnels is giving the Highly Optimized Template to generate Leads, Conversion and sales. Also it is suitable for all Mobile Optimizer Templates. Just use this and get your conversion so easily.

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Custom, Edit, Import Templates in Pre-Built Section

Custom, Edit, Import Templates in Pre-Built Section

FlexiFunnels has given you the Pre – Built Section which You can create your own template or modify or edit or import it as per your business or requirement.They understand your work value that’s why they are providing this kind of option. If you will be stuck in any place then it will affect your work for this reason they are giving this option only for you. Somewhere or sometime if you need to change / modify any templates or want to import a personalized template for your work instead of a DFY template then it will be super easy on  FlexiFunnels

FlexiFunnels has given an editor option where you can add About Us, Bonuses, Features & Benefits, Pricing Table, Team etc for your funnels & pages. Also you can write about your product details in this Pre- Built section. There is a particular blank template they are providing & on this blank template you can create your own choice.

For example, FlexiFunnels is providing one option that you can use for your work. You can go for the “Select Template” option which you will find Email, Sales Page, Product Launch, Webinar Registration, Thank you, Check Out, Upsell / Downsell, Local Business, Branding, B2B Service, SB Templates, Others. This is a particular option which you can select for your project & create your own templates as per your choice.Also The FlexiFunnels Founder Mr.Sourabh Bhatnagar is going to give you personal templates which he is using regularly on his business. This is a BIg Gift for you. He generates income regularly using these templates for his business. So, You can use any of these templates or create your own templates as per your choice for your funnel and Pages.

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Done For You (DFY)

Fully Automated Mobile Responsive Pages.

Done For You (DFY) Fully Automated Mobile Responsive Pages

How To Make Your Page Mobile Friendly ?

Every person has this headache.But the wait is over. FlexiFunnels is giving a Fully Automated Mobile Responsive Page for you. Don’t need to go anywhere, just create your pages on here & they will do this for you. No need to think of it. It is an automated process done by FlexiFunnels.You don’t need to create Individual Responsive Pages for desktop, laptop, mobile, tab or you don’t need to edit or modify for this. You don’t need to hide an element for a specific device. You don’t need to create a custom style for a particular device.

Let’s say, You need to create a Big Heading for a Mobile View. In this position you need to edit the Heading Element on Mobile and reduce the font size. You need to go to the Style option and then the Typography option to adjust the font size. Another Common Case is that you have a good banner with a good background image and text content. Now you need to move the content or slide the content, then you have to use the Padding option. After that you will see on the mobile that your content is going to disappear in mobile view, then again you have to rearrange or edit or change the Padding option. After you are all set these things then again you will see some content is still not visible on mobile, this is very Irritable. Again you need to work on this till it’s going to be perfect.

Now that is the situation FlexiFunnels is coming for you. They are taking all these issues or queries to solve in Millisecond. All the pages are automatically Mobile Responsive Pages, You just create your pages by the help of Drag and Drop, after that publish it and you can check all the pages will be perfectly showing on all the devices. Their Smart Editor will make your pages fully Mobile Responsive automatically. Your page is going to be 99 % perfect and fully Responsive. Also There is a Custom Option if you want to change or edit anything for mobile. So not to worry about anything.

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Get The Full Advanced Analytics Report

Get The Full Advanced Analytics Report

One of the most crucial parts is to get full analytics in detail. You need all the data from time to time for your product conversion So FlexiFunnels is going to provide a Date Filter Process Full Advanced Analytics Report on your Flexi Account. You will nurture your audience with the help of this. It means you can change your Advertisement as per your Analytics Report.

When you are going to give advertisements in Google Ads or Facebook Ads that time FlexiFunnels is giving you perfect and accurate data which you need very much. In the marketing time you will see how many conversions that you are getting per day. This is the most important role when you are marketing any product and you are not getting your conversion or page conversion analytics report.

So, When you get the Full Analytics Report from FlexiFunnels, after that you will get more conversions. Because already you know which page is giving you more conversion at what rate. Now you can keep on Testing / Tweaking those page content for more conversions easily. Plus, with the help of date filter you can see clearly what needs to be changed to impact on your conversion. You will see all the Optin Page, Sales Page, Checkout Page in a unique way.

FlexiFunnels is going to show you this Advanced Analytics Report in Unique Way. Have a look at this below. It is just an example, you will get more reports in a unique way…….They are showing all important statistic reports with Date Wise….like…

SL NoDateName Of The Report
101 – 01 – 2022

Optin Page Views 

(All & Unique)

201 – 01 – 2022

Sales Page Views 

(All & Unique)

301 – 01 – 2022

Checkout Page Views 

(All & Unique)

401 – 01 – 2022Optin Page Conversion Rate
501 – 01 – 2022Checkout Page Conversion Rate
601 – 01 – 2022Unique Orders
701 – 01 – 2022Revenue
801 – 01 – 2022Average Order Value
901 – 01 – 2022Earnings Per Visitor
1001 – 01 – 2022Funnel Conversion Rate
1101 – 01 – 2022Sales
1201 – 01 – 2022Refunds
1301 – 01 – 2022Refunded Customers
1401 – 01 – 2022Refund Amount
1501 – 01 – 2022Refund Rate
1601 – 01 – 2022Net Revenue
1701 – 01 – 2022Rebills
1801 – 01 – 2022Rebills Revenue

So, you will get all the Important Statistical Advanced Analytics Report on the Same Date which comes with Date Filter on FlexiFunnels.

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Get All The Data & Reports with Date Filters In Unique Way

Get All The Data & Reports with Date Filters In Unique Way

On FlexiFunnels you need to add your autoresponders as per your choice after that they will send you all data to your autoresponders account every day. Also, you will check your data on your FlexiFunnels dashboard & it will show you every second update. It’s going the magic way, it is an automatic update process, you don’t need to select it one by one to see your data. All the data you will check on your Reports Dashboard on Date Wise. 

On the FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard you can check Last 6 Months data. Also you can send or export this data on the “export CSV” option that you see on your right hand side on this dashboard. If you want to check your data on your mobile then there is an option on the FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard in the top of the right hand side. Click the mobile sign and you will see all the data as a mobile view. There is a “Quick Statistics, Overview, Sales” option on this dashboard where you can see all the data of your existing product. You can change and check the “Currency, Affiliate, Products, Filter by” option for your other report. 

In the above image you are seeing an “Overview” of the existing product on FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard. On the left hand side you can check by the name or email id or order id or transaction id. Also you can check your all products, currency as per the date wise. On this dashboard you will see How many sales are generated and how much revenue that you are getting. There is a drop down list where you can check the “completed” and “All sales” on this day. Also you can see all the payment done through Razorpay or any other payment platform option. If you want to see the “30 days” or “last 6 months report” of all the affiliate products, then it can be available on FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard with the help of the “Quick Date” option. You can see all the “Conversions”, “Sales”, “leads” data in one place that is FlexiFunnels.

👉👉Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels…….👈👈

See All The Cart Abandon Or

Failed Payment Data On Flexi Funnels

See All The Cart Abandon Or Failed Payment Data On Flexi Funnels

Anyone who is going to purchase of your product and then suddenly he got stuck to transfer the amount or He / She failed to send the amount for any reason like Card not accepted or internet / network failure or payment failure due to OTP is not coming on his / her mobile that is time you will get this all result on FlexiFunnels dashboard. When you will get this result then you can contact them to solve their queries and convert them to your enroll. This is the Best Part on the FlexiFunnels Reports Dashboard where you can see that How many “Cart Abandoned” is happened and you can target them one by one to convert more sales or generate more income.

Any Marketing Experienced, Master, Expert person has done many many online sales only they will know how frequently payment failed or abandoned online ? If you got “Payment Failed” like 10 % for any reason then it will affect your revenue or income. Only This one feature will save you and give Extra 10 – 15 % Revenue to your bottom line. Think of it deeply only for this reason you have not generated extra revenue. Sometimes if anyone clicks the back button on the “payment cart” then you will get the information when you ask to give his / her information details on your FE or US or DS Product or your Landing Page or Funnel Page and if he is not going to purchase your product then you can contact him / her by phone because he / she is not taking the initiative step. Also you can see the person used which payment mode for transactions and they failed like “Razorpay or Instamojo”. So, you can provide another payment mode for his / her convenience. So this makes it easy to get more data for more conversions on FlexiFunnels. Now the Biggest Surprises for you……..

👉👉Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels…….👈👈

First, Biggest Surprise for you is that You will get all the information about “Data Integration For Failed Payment”. FlexiFunnels will send you the Failed Payment Data immediately on your autoresponder / CRM of your choice. Now you are happy to get extra conversion. 

Second Biggest Surprise for you, You will get all the information about “
Cart Recovery Email”, FlexiFunnels automatically start sending all the Failed Payment Email who are unable to send the payment on the cart. This Failed Payment list is going to generate extra income for your business. Now You have All the Failed payment list, on this list you can inform them and get them back on your enroll member list. This will help you to get massive & extra results for your Client also if you have any Affiliate Product for sale.


You Can Do So Much More with FlexiFunnel


Individual Advanced Features of FlexiFunnels :

FlexiFunnels - India’s First Funnel Builder Software Blog
Rocket Speed

🚀 Rocket Speed Mode on FlexiFunnelsel🚀

Rocket Speed Mode on FlexiFunnels

Did you see the FlexiFunnels speed on this above image, Yes, it really has superfast web hosting. According to a Pingdom.com survey report if your website is taking an extra 1 second to open then you are losing 38 % of the audience. Only for this reason you will lose 380 genuine customers out of 1000 customers. Every second delay and you are losing money out of your pocket. IIf you are going to use FlexiFunnels then your page is going to open like a thunderstorm. So you are going to save your money for getting this Rocket Speed, Superfast, Thunderstorm web hosting. You don’t need to add 3rd party hosting.

Click here to test your website Speed : https://gtmetrix.com/ 👈👈

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈

Get Simple & Modern Technologies Design in Flexi Funnles

Get Simple & Modern Technologies Design Options in Flexifunnels Without Coding

On FlexiFunnels a 6 years old can create a funnel or landing page with a simple way to use drag & drop options and it is going to be a world class funnels or landing page. Yes, They have changed the game, you can build professional style funnels or landing pages with the help of drag & drop feature technology & premium design features. This is the first time that no one has ever seen before to do this way. 

Just you need to move your element as per your choice and you are done, there is no need to use any kind of coding. There is an endless design option, Just like the way you thought, the FlexiFunnels editor is giving to you all the elements & design setting as per your imagination. They are providing Advanced Styling Features, You can move your elements 360° or animate, or rotate or front or back or oblique. Whatever you want to do you can. You can change your text or image or video so easily & instantly. Just type “I Believe In You” & it’s changed, Just double click & select your image & done, In the video section just put the URL or upload it & your video is going to live. You can edit anything instantly. When you complete your page then click on “Publish” and you are going to Live. No more waiting. You can use this FlexiFunnels on any device from anywhere in the world. All the pages are Mobile friendly, you don’t need to edit or change any pages for mobile version or tablet version. It will automatically show on any device. It is fully optimized Mobile Responsive by default. If you want to change anything then you can have this control in your hand. They included all the marketing features to grow your leads on social media, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Phone, Email, Skype. Also they added High Converting Checkout pages, timers, coupons, bump offers, cart abandon recovery & there is so much more to get more sales.

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈


Problem vs Solutions –

Right click disable option not available on page setting, (Except Course Products)(Will Update if there’s any)
Youtube & whatsapp, instagram image / theme should be available on element > social media block. It’s available on style setting option but it is not available on social media block themes.(Will Update if there’s any)
404 page “Return to homepage” is not working.(Will Update if there’s any)
Where do I have a backup file ?

 Flexi has its own backup & you will get back your data through flexi back up team.

(WordPress will send the backup once in a week by the help of plugins.)

E-Commerce website is not available(Will Update if there’s any)
Zoom Integration is not available

(Will Update if there’s any)

In another way You can create your course from vimeo or youtube & integrate on flexifunnels.

All the payment gateway is available like Paypal, Stipe, Razorpay etc.Done👍
All the courses are protected like & all the courses are showing OTT Level Streaming, So forget about piracy because right click is not working on flexi funnels.Done👍
QR code generator on your pageDone👍
Add WordPress Plugin on FlexiFunnels page(Will Update it soon)

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈


Whatever the pros & cons, they will update it on day by day so don’t need to worry, Also they are giving super speed chat support on 24 * 7 basis. If you have any kind of problem then they will sort it out within a minute. The FlexiFunnels software is giving great value to their clients. It has a full training video module on this software. You can learn it step by step.

On FlexiFunnels you will get 18 courses & all the modules have a lot of learning videos. If you watch & implement all the learning modules step by step then you will understand the power of FlexiFunnels . All this course is available on the “Funnel Growth System” option.

If you still want to get more knowledge about FlexiFunnels then check my Youtube video & watch the Full review of FlexiFunnels.

👆 The Youtube video is on the above on this page.👆

After learning the FlexiFunnels training course you will not search for any kind of work. This is a proven strategy on FlexiFunnels. So, keep learning & after that you can generate income easily.

Let’s see how many module are there on FlexiFunnels for Freelancer / Service:

Course NameTraining Module / Video
How to start your online business3 video
FlexiFunnels tutorials – Implemented all the learnings11 video
Zero to One Crore Series (4 hours – Business overview)15 video
Freelancing, Agency & Getting Clients. Immediately start doing the reach outs.6 video
Funnel training (20 Hour Funnel Masterclass)67 video
Immediate Traffic Secrets57 video
Copywriting Mastery65 video
Email marketing & Lead Generation4 video
Growth Hacks17 video

“Guy’s, listen to it very very carefully. Those courses are given to you as per proven strategy & past experiences, so, there is no doubt to learn & implement.”

There are more modules / videos for Beginner, Course Creator, Product Seller, Affiliate Marketer, Course Launch Mastery & lots of modules available on FlexiFunnels .

So, click 👉 FlexiFunnels & get it now.

👉👉 Click Here To Get More Information About Flexi Funnels……. 👈👈

Please See My Flexi Funnels Demo Page, Click on below….👇 My Page  👇

Flexi Funnels
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