India was selected to play 1950 Football World Cup.

Indian Football Team ranking was 9th in FIFA World Rankings in 1957

In 1950 FIFA invited AIFF to the World Cup, Hosted country was Brazil

AIFF contacted FIFA and send the request to play bootless or barefoot

Indian player was not comfortable with the shoe

But FIFA rejected the request and asked to play with shoes

In 1950 was the Golden Times of Indian Football

Padma shri Sailen Manna was the captain at that time. He was the best defender in India.

According to his speech “playing bootless or barefoot was not true

AIFF did not want to send their player to Brazil due to travel cost reasons.

FIFA offered to pay the whole travel expenses.....

but the main reason was AIFF was concentrated on Olympics at that time

Still, we hope India will get the chance to play in the Football World Cup one day.