The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 football tournament, started on 20.11.2022 and end it on 18.12.2022 

By: Indraloka

The first football world cup was held by Uruguay in 1930.

13 countries participated in that tournament.

9 countries from the USA & 4 countries from Europe. Uruguay vs Argentina played the Final match.

The Host country won the first football world cup.

Uruguay beat Argentina by 4-3 goals in front of 93.000 people at Centenario Stadium in Montevideo city

The world cup's first goal was scored by Lucien Laurent of France.

After 4 days the first Hat-Trick was scored by Bert Patenaude of the USA

Then in 1934 the 2nd football world cup was held in Italy and the same record repeated

the 3rd football world cup was held in France

Italy is the defending champion won the world cup again for the 2nd time

In this tournament Ernest Willimowski the Polish Stricker scored 4 goals against Brazil, he was the first player who scores 4 goals

But Brazil won that game 6-5 goals.

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