FIFA World Cup Tournament Rules - QATAR 2022

Each game has 90 minutes of playing time, 45 minutes in the first half and the second half is 45 minutes.

If the play is stopped for any reason, the referees will add an extra few minute. This is called extra minutes.

Every team has 11 number of players, there is 1 player for goalkeeping, and the other players are defenders, wingers, midfielders and strikers

Year - Host Country 

1938- France

A total of 32 teams are going to participate in this tournament

The first round of matches is a group stage match, all the teams face their opponent country or team one by one

After the 1st round, 16 teams will qualify for the second round as per the points table


Accordingly, the semifinal stage and final match will come. 

Finally, we have one team as a winner and another team as a runner in this tournament.